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Where is the SVG?


Has it ever happened to you that you bought an SVG design you loved, downloaded it, unzipped it and then couldn’t find the file on your computer?

Today we are going to solve this very common problem among Microsoft Windows operating system users ( Apple MacOs users are lucky and don’t have this problem).

It’s something that happens quite often and that’s why I mention it in the FAQs of my shop.

Every week I get Emails with messages like this:

"Hi Audrey, I downloaded the designs I bought in your shop, I unzipped the .ZIP files but I can't find the SVG files... Where are they?

In my designs I always include the SVG files and I guarantee you that the SVG files are still there, but it was the Microsoft Windows operating system installed on your computer, which arranged for the SVG files to display and act as if they were HTML files.

Specifically, your computer has identified each SVG file as if it were an HTML file and now displays it with the icon of your computer’s default web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or other).

They are still SVG files, with all their features and work in the same way, but your computer decided on its own that SVG files should be opened with the web browser, so it shows the icon of that application.

If you want to use these SVG files with Cricut Design Space or other cutting machine software, you will have to upload the SVG file directly from the application.

Uploading SVG files to Cricut Design Space

In the case of Cricut Design Space you will have to follow the steps below:

Open Cricut Design Space and make click on New Project button located on upper right corner
Then click on the last Upload option in the left-hand menu.
Now click on Upload Image button to browse where you unzipped the files in your computer.
Click to select the HTML file and then on Upload button located on the lower right corner.
Finally, click on the thumbnail of the recently uploaded HTML file and then click on Add to Canvas button in the bottom right corner.
Now you have the SVG file opened in Cricut Design Space showing all it’s layers and ready to work.

And that’s it! You now have the elusive SVG file that was disguised as HTML, ready to work with in Cricut Design Space and then cut it on the Cricut cutting machine. Enjoy your design!

Video Tutorial

Below you can watch a 1 minute video tutorial showing step by step how to upload SVG files directly from Cricut Design Space.

SVG shows as HTML – By Audrey CHIKI PUM Cut Files

Now that you have learned this procedure you will have no more problems using SVG files on your Windows computer.

If you liked our post and enjoyed this video tutorial, don’t keep it to yourself and share it with all your friends, they will surely thank you!

See you soon, Audrey 💥