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Sublimation printing on black? Yes, you can!

Sublimation printing on black? Yes you can!

There is always a printing technique that is the most appropriate for each project and what determines that a printing technique is or is not the most appropriate. This depends on a number of factors such as the target material (where you want to apply the design), the color of that support (it is not the same it it’s light or dark), the complexity and the predominant color in the design itself, the budget, equipment and technical knowledge of the person who will face the printing project, etc..

A technique famous for offering a really impeccable finish is the Dye Sublimation technique. But like everything in life it has its pros and cons and its great Achilles heel was always that it did not allow printing on dark nor black colors, but apparently that is no longer a problem.

In our previous post we had already explored an alternative known as Bleaching, which allowed us to bleach the area of the shirt where the design will be applied and give our garment a young and modern touch.

But this week we show you two other methods to get the most out of your next project using Dye Sublimation on dark or even black t-shirts.

Precise Bleaching vs Siser’s Easy Subli

To show us these methods we have as guests Kim and Garret Make It!, a fun couple of experts who love to do things on their own and know very well the Dye Sublimation technique.

The first is a super precise bleaching method, which allows us to bleach exactly the area that will occupy our design, so that once applied we will not even realize that the shirt was previously bleached and the result is simply amazing.

The second method is undoubtedly much simpler, although somewhat more expensive, and involves using a product called Siser’s Easy Subli that promises to revolutionize the technique of printing dark/black t-shirts by Dye Sublimation.

And now without further ado, let’s watch the video tutorial How To Do Sublimation on Dark Shirts by Kim and Garret Make It, where we will follow step by step two projects from start to finish using the two methods described.

How To Do Sublimation on Dark Shirts – ©Kim and Garret Make It

And now that you know both methods, which one seems better to you? Leave us a comment to know your opinion.

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See you soon, Audrey 💥