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Online free app to mirror your images in a snap


Continuing with our tips collection, today we are going to see how a novice can mirror or invert a design easily and quickly.

We learned in our previous post “Printing on black or white isn’t the same thing. Find out why“, that if we want to print a design on a Black T-shirt, using the Iron On Heat Transfer technique, we first need to mirror/invert our image.

To do this type of image editing there are several applications that we can install. Some with a higher and others with a lower difficulty in the learning curve. There are even paid and really complete applications (Eg. ©Adobe Photoshop) and others with lower cost or even free (Eg. Gimp) but can serve us perfectly.

But in all these cases we must install an application on our computer or tablet.

OK, but I don’t feel confortable installing applications

No problem! Today we are going to show you a cross-platform application (works on Windows, Mac Os and Linux), which does not require installation and is also free.

We will access in the same way as we enter any other website and runs online in a pretty clear and intuitive way. Allowing the novice user with no previous knowledge in image editing to perform a simple task such as mirroring/inverting an image. And then to save that mirrored image as a new JPG or PNG file, to be able to print it on the special thermal paper for printing on black.

The application is called IMG2GO and you can access it by clicking HERE

In this video tutorial we will see how to use IMG2GO to mirror/invert our image:

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Until next time, Audrey 💥