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Iron on vinyl for beginners

Iron On Vinyl For Beginners

This time we are going to tell you about another popular printing technique called Iron on Vinyl, which is widely used by enthusiasts of creating custom t-shirts at home, but who want to take it a step further.

In our tip I’ve bought a cute cut file… Whats next? we explain how to use the simple Iron on Heat Transfer technique to apply any our cut files on a T-Shirt, but the Iron on Vinyl technique opens up a whole world of possibilities that goes beyond that and offers a truly professional finish.

We always tell our customers that we are graphic designers, but we are not end users, so we learn a lot from what they tell us in the reviews they leave us about their experiences applying our designs and from the photos they share with us of their finished work.

But we are also constantly trying to learn more about printing tips and techniques, so that we can help our beginner customers and create designs that are even easier to use.

This time we share with you not a tip, but a real step-by-step project for beginners, completely free and online, presented by none other than the incomparable Jennifer Maker .

The lady behind the crafty fun!

Jennifer Maker, thanks to her years of experience in the use of Cricut cutting machines, is a true specialist in the Iron on Vinyl technique and explains in just 45 minutes, how to get the best results when printing at home our T-shirts.

If you are hesitating to take the step and buy a Cricut cutting machine, this video can be of great help to make the right decision.

Without further ado, let’s learn about Iron on Vinyl and Cricut with Jennifer Maker.

Cricut Iron-On T-Shirt Tutorial – Beginner Friendly! ©Jennifer Maker

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Until next time, Audrey 💥