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How To Sublimate On Black/Dark T-Shirts?

How To Sublimate Black Or Dark T-Shirts

When we decide to undertake a new project, it is essential to choose the most appropriate technique to carry it out so that the results are as expected and for this it is necessary to take into account whether the color of the fabric is white or black.

In our previous post Sublimating Shirts for Beginners, we knew the virtues of this technique that allows us to print designs with great quality. As every technique it has its advantages and disadvantages and among the latter is the limitation of only being able to print on white or light-colored T-shirts.

As we already know, the sublimation inks used in the Dye Sublimation technique are translucent and for this reason they need a white or light background so that the colors can be seen sharp and vivid. In other words, if the background were black or dark, the colors would look blurred and dull.

But what if we still want to print that design we love on a black color tee?

How to sublimate on black or dark T-shirts?

Well, we’ll show you a way to make it happen.

First bleach your black/dark tee

With this trick you can apply your design using sublimation printing on both black and dark colored t-shirts and give them a modern and fun finish.

We are going to share with you a video tutorial from our guest Sallie (owner of Simply Sally), in which she teaches us step by step, how to bleach and print black/dark t-shirts with the sublimation technique.

Bleaching Shirts 101 everything you need to know for great results – By Sallie ©Simply Sallie

Great! Now you know how to sublimate on black or dark t-shirts and it’s fun right?

If you liked our post and enjoyed this video tutorial, don’t keep it to yourself and share it with all your friends, I’m sure they will thank you!

See you soon, Audrey 💥